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31 Absent someone else telling you that you're breathing oddly or snoring, how do you diagnose yourself? Signs of problematic sleep issues may include: Waking up tired Irritability Memory issues Mental fogginess, especially first thing in the morning Ending the day completely exhausted Feelings of anxiety or depression Just not feeling like your optimal self If you have some or all of these symptoms, or someone has told you that you have an issue, contact Dr. Sever for a consultation. If Dr. Sever ascertains that snoring, sleep apnea or other sleep issues may be affecting your well-being, the first step in the process will be simply going to sleep in your own bed. A convenient, take- home sleep study kit will monitor your sleep for one night, and the data will be uploaded onto a computer. A Board Certified sleep physician will interpret the results and make a diagnosis. The next step will be choosing what oral appliance may be right for you. Then, a digital mouth scanner will take multiple photos of the inside of your mouth: your teeth, your palate and how your teeth come together when you bite. This scan gets emailed to a laboratory that uses this digital file to create a device that will fit your mouth perfectly. Many people are nervous to have their sleep assessed, because they think they will have to use a CPAP machine: a cumbersome device that fits over the face and has complicated tubes and hoses that need to be cleaned. While some people have complex medical issues that make a CPAP machine advisable or necessary, many do very well with the oral device instead; and the device is the most conservative way to start. Gone are the days when you had to spend the night in a sleep laboratory to get diagnosed, or wear an awkward face mask to control snoring issues. Now you can have your sleep monitored in your own home and wear a custom-fitted, life-changing oral appliance that is often no larger than a teeth-whitening tray. In addition to nutrition and exercise, sleep is a cornerstone of good health. Dr. Daniela Sever and her team will guide you and facilitate your diagnosis and treatment. There is no need to go through life tired, compromising your health (and your loved one's sleep and sanity). Dr. Sever at Great Sleep Dental PC can help you find relief or eliminate your snoring or sleep apnea issues altogether. 617.328.4050 851 Main Street, Suite 18, Weymouth Hours: 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday

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