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• Breast Augmentation • Breast Lift • Tummy Tuck • Face Lift • Eyelid Lift • Brow Lift • Liposuction • ThermiVa ® • Geneveve ® • Vaginoplasty • Labioplasty • Botox ® • Dysport ® • Xeomin ® • Perineoplasty • Restylane ® • Restylane ® Silk ® • Perlane ® • Juvéderm Voluma ® XC • Juvéderm Volbella ® XC • Sculptra ® • Radiesse ® • Belotero ® • Kybella ® • Ultherapy ® • CoolSculpting ® • Clear + Brilliant ® • Pellevé ® • Thermage ® • VelaShape ® • Fractional Skin Resurfacing • Microneedling with PRP • Laser Hair Removal and more! Christine A. Hamori, MD, FACS, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon 95 Tremont St., Duxbury, or by appointment 781.934.2200 781.934.2200 Surgical excellence, exquisite results. giving it a more youthful appearance. Most areas of the body can be treated such as your face, neck, chest, back, forearms and hands. Ablative fractional resurfacing works by creating thousands of microscopic areas where a very thin top layer of skin is removed. This technique is similar to aerating the grass on a golf course: tiny areas of damage are surrounded by untreated skin which allows for a safe and speedy recovery. As the skin heals, it produces a new layer of collagen and it will literally resurface itself. There is very little discomfort with this treatment and a topical anesthetic is all that is needed. Most patients require only one treatment, have noticed almost a 50% improvement in the area treated and can expect results to last a few years. Immediately following the resurfacing procedure, you will experience redness, slight swelling and possibly some itching for 3 to 5 days. It is normal to experience pinkness of the treated area for several weeks. This area can be covered with mineral concealer that your aesthetician can customize for your specific skin tone. Patients are provided with a recovery kit specifically formulated to be gentle for post-procedure skin. As we age, most people are unhappy about some aspect of their body and tend to avoid looking at their reflection in the mirror. Most of us don't have time to exercise or eat healthy on a consistent basis and the negative repercussions start to show. Coolsculpting ® is a great solution for most of us in this situation. Dr Hamori is currently the only physician in New England with 4 Coolsculpting ® machines, which means you can treat more areas in less time. Coolsculpting ® has been around since 2011 and the practice has done over 5,000 treatments. The various applicator shapes and sizes allow for targeted removal of fat. The tummy is the most popular treatment area, however over 25% of areas treated are outside of the midsection. Coolsculpting ® can also be done on the arms, chin, hips, thighs, banana rolls (beneath the buttocks), knees, bra rolls and male breasts. Are you bothered by flabby skin under your upper arms? Do you avoid wearing shorts because of unsightly loose skin on You have probably already heard that Christine Hamori Cosmetic Surgery + Skin Spa in Duxbury has the latest technology in treating the visible signs of aging, but it also has some of the best tried and true machines that have years of clinical research and thousands of happy patients to back up their efficacy. After the holidays have passed, many of us see recent pictures of ourselves and feel disappointed with the inevitable aging process taking place. The worry lines and brown spots that are prematurely aging our face have become more pronounced over the years. We are now beginning to see the negative effects of all those years of unprotected sun exposure. When we were young, we took for granted our luminous even skin tone. As we age, our skin becomes blotchy, thinner and our skin tone becomes uneven and dull making us look older. Scientific research has shown that uniform skin tone can reduce the appearance of one's age by as much as 20 years. An even skin tone and healthy texture is the primary indicator of a youthful appearance. As we enter our 40's, and 50's our face begins to reflect the years of sun exposure and unhealthy lifestyles (smoking and excess alcohol consumption), losing its tone and luster. Brown spots, rough scaly skin, broken capillaries, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. Thankfully, skin aging can be slowed down and, in some cases, even reversed with current medical technology. Ablative fractional resurfacing is a powerful approach to treating severely damaged skin. It is primarily used for the correction of moderate to deep wrinkles but will also reduce dark sun spots, superficial skin lesions, surgical scars and acne scars. This treatment will improve the texture and tone of the skin, 16 Time -Tested Cosmetic Treatments By Linda Manco, Nurse/Aesthetician & Kate Myette

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