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18 Adding to their arsenal of anti-aging and skin protection services, Glow Beauty Boutique brings the increasingly popular dermaplaning to the South Shore. This method of removing dead skin as well as that irksome vellus (a.k.a. peach fuzz) from the face has long been practiced in Asia and is now seeing a surge in popularity due to its ease, the virtually non-existent down time and the fact that nearly every individual is an ideal candidate. So what exactly IS dermaplaning? A licensed aesthetician will take a surgical scalpel and gently and expertly scrape off the dead skin cells which have inevitably built up on the surface of your face. As an added bonus, you can say goodbye to that peach fuzz that most of us have. As frightening as that may sound, it is a hugely successful method of ultimate exfoliation and complexion brightening. Dermaplaning is not a glorified way of shaving your face; on the contrary, the practice is akin to microdermabrasion only with more control and with the added benefit of removing facial hair. Recommended for all skin types, dermaplaning gives skin that much needed deep exfoliation, leaves behind a smooth clean surface and provides maximum product absorption into the surface of the face. Because the practice is strictly topical (unlike a chemical peel) even the most sensitive of skin can benefit. If you've ever wondered how A-listers tolerate those up-close and personal photo shoots, wonder no more: mechanical exfoliation lends itself to brighter, healthier skin. Think of all the pores and hair follicles that reside on your face. A good facial scrub will only go so deep and some skin types simply cannot tolerate the chemicals of a peel. The happy middle ground? You guessed it: dermaplaning. The myth that hair will grow back thicker and darker must be dispelled. It simply is not the case. It will feel different because of the blunt cut, but the growth rate and texture remain the same. When you look in the mirror and see a lackluster complexion with makeup fighting its way through the weeds of peach fuzz, get yourself to Glow Beauty Boutique for a fresh face in a few minutes. There is little to no downtime with the practice. While some clients will experience light redness, the results are brilliant. If you have 20 minutes to spare, you've got time for a session with Marisa! Painless, rejuvenating and a boost to both the skin and the confidence, a dermaplaning session will have you amazed at your reflection. As a side note ~ all you expectant mommas who can be nowhere near chemicals and open pores? This is a great alternative for you that allows your glow to grow. There are a few caveats every individual must be aware of: Because your skin has had such a deep exfoliation you will need to be vigilant with sun protection. As a general rule, using a moisturizer with SPF 15 (minimum, but preferably 30) is necessary to protect your skin, but even more essential post- treatment. Those with severe acne are not ideal candidates for the practice of dermaplaning as it can further irritate the skin. Glow Beauty Boutique's staff of licensed aestheticians can recommend another alternative if that is your case. What is the staying power of a dermaplaned, healthy glowing complexion? On average, expect a dermaplaning session to last anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the skin and the amount of damage. What you will be delighted to discover is how your makeup will glide on flawlessly now that all those dead skin cells and the pesky vellus have been removed from your face. Unfortunately, the odds are against us all and we are By Maurajane Rogers, photography by Susan Hagstrom DERMAPLANING: Believe the Hype! G l o w B eau t y B o u t i q u e : Serious abou t bea u ty .

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