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The Partnership program links an individual living with a physical disability to a dedicated volunteer who will do whatever it takes to help that individual stay fit, from helping with specialized fitness equipment to working out on the next machine over to provide interactive social support. Medical Wellness programs give the South Shore's physicians the ability to "Prescribe the Y," offering their patients instant access to several categories of donor supported evidence-based health interventions: fall prevention, cardiac maintenance, weight management, diabetes prevention, Parkinson's exercise and more. The Y's newest initiative, Staystrong, is a free year-long program for cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and household family members that holistically encompasses programs that strengthen the spirit, mind and body for all involved. The program will provide enrichment opportunities and drop-in childcare for children whose parents are undergoing treatment, family-focused physical and educational activities, nutritional resources, guidance and classes and spiritual growth through the exploration of faith. Gorman attributes the success of the South Shore Y to many. It takes a strong community – of staff, of donors, of volunteers - to help a community like the South Shore grow. Champions like Rob and Karen Hale, and Herb and Paulie Emilson understand the Y's vision and help it achieve its goals. "People come to the Y seeking personal fulfillment. It's a powerful motivator," Herb Emilson says. "The YMCA supports the wholesomeness and well-being of our communities from the ground up." For local businesses, especially those serving the same local population, a robust Y presence means a strong community. "We believe in the importance of having a strong YMCA in our community providing so many great programs in support of the well-being of our members," shares James Dunphy, CEO of South Shore Bank. "A vibrant and healthy community helps all individuals and companies prosper." "The South Shore YMCA serves to make everyone feel empowered and included," says Suzanne Stefany, Immediate Past Chair of the South Shore YMCA Executive Board. "They're the one charity that truly reaches all community members regardless of age, background or any kind of profile. The impact the Y has is tangible, meaningful and powerful. Everyone can find something that resonates with them at the South Shore Y." Gorman believes that further strengthening the South Shore Y's ability to reach all members of the community must be achieved through a process of digging deeper than ever before into societal 10

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