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11 needs. The Y has historically reacted to those needs, some of which are entirely cyclical. In Quincy in 1900, that meant providing Swedish-to-English lessons for workers at the Fore River Shipyard; today it's the translation of program materials into Mandarin and Cantonese. But new needs arise all the time, from a call for programs for youths with Autism to STEM education opportunities for underserved youths to creating gardens out of urban and suburban landscapes to provide fresh produce for food pantries. Under Gorman's guidance, impact, relevancy and sustainability are the focus of the SSYMCA's vision for the future. "Continuing to offer our programs and services to as many as possible will always be my goal," said Gorman. "Anything to do with children is a positive investment in our community's future, and from our Early Learning Centers to Camp, each of these opportunities instill and reinforce positive character development, a trait that will stay with these children and their families for the rest of their lives. We just celebrated our 125th anniversary and we're looking forward to the next 125. As long as there are community members in need of support or in search of personal fulfillment, however they define it, the South Shore YMCA will be there to meet them wherever they are." But, he knows, the Y will never achieve its goals without broad community support. "I encourage you to think about your legacy, because those who define these stories today write our history of tomorrow. Where will you leave your mark?" SOUTH SHORE YMCA. The Better You Belongs Here. To join, volunteer, donate, get involved or learn more, visit 781.264.9400. WATER SAFETY. The Y is the leader in providing lifesaving water safety educa on and skills to the South Shore community, empowering all to swim safely and confidently. MEDICAL WELLNESS AND PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM Bridging the gap between clinical and community care, these programs help everyone enjoy all the Y has to offer. INCLUSIVE PROGRAMMING. The Y's programming for individuals with developmental/intellectual disabili es engage par cipants in wellness ac vi es while fostering individual growth. SOCIAL SERVICES. The Y provides programs and services, from food pantry to educa onal support, helping local individuals and families in need or at risk. FARM AND ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION. The SSYMCA's farms provide opportuni es to learn about the environment and harvest food from seed to plate. CAMP. For decades, the Y's quality resident and day camps have provided children with access to safe spaces to explore the outdoors and discover their talents. EARLY LEARNING AND AFTERSCHOOL. Across the South Shore, children from infancy to elementary school are provided with a safe, enriching environment where they can learn, grow and thrive. SOUTH SHORE YMCA ASSOCIATION RESOURCES Corporate Office 141 Longwater Drive, Suite 110, Norwell / 781.264.9400 EMILSON YMCA BRANCH 75 Mill Street, Hanover / 781.829.8585 QUINCY YMCA BRANCH 79 Coddington Street, Quincy / 617.479.8500 CAMP BURGESS & HAYWARD RESIDENT CAMP 75 Stowe Road, Sandwich / 508.428.2571 EARLY LEARNING CENTER – HANOVER 1075 Washington Street, Hanover / 781.826.7900 EARLY LEARNING CENTER – NORTH QUINCY One Heritage Drive, Quincy / 857.403.4784 SOUTH SHORE YMCA LOCATIONS LAURA'S CENTER FOR THE ARTS 97 Mill Street, Hanover / 781.829.8585 x8335 GERMANTOWN NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER 366 Palmer Street, Quincy / 617.376.1384 GYMNASTICS CENTER 1075 Washington Street, Hanover / 781.829.8585 x8236 SOUTH SHORE NATURAL SCIENCE CENTER 48 Jacobs Lane, Norwell / 781.659.2559 STATE STREET EARLY LEARNING CENTER – QUINCY YMCA 79 Coddington Street, Quincy / 617.479.8500 x4721 ZONEWELLNESS 141 Longwater Drive, Assinippi Park, Norwell 781.264.9488

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