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14 The Investment Center at South Shore Bank is taking wealth and money management to a whole new level by combining top-tier money management services with the trademark personal care that South Shore Bank's dedicated clients have appreciated for almost two centuries. The consolidation of Braintree Cooperative Bank and South Shore Bank last year allowed for a whole new wealth management division, combining the seasoned talent and friendly, personal service that both banks had been known for. With a combined career experience of 75 years, the Investment Center at South Shore Bank's Infinex Financial Advisors, Albert A. Smith, Jr., Patrick Dougherty and David W. Kelson, Jr., work with clients to develop strategies tailored around their personal and professional lives. Taking the time to engage in comprehensive conversations with their clients allows the advisors to propose meaningful strategies while creating long-standing relationships of trust. The Investment Center is a full-service team that offers the same top to bottom strategies and services as any brokerage house or private wealth management firm: FDIC insured CDs, annuities, life insurance, income benefits, death benefits, college funds, fully managed advisory accounts, financial planning, long-term care planning and a host of other services. "There is nothing that someone would look for in any other financial institution that we don't have the capacity to do," says Smith. The wealth management team takes care of everything from simple budgeting to complex financial planning. South Shore Bank is renowned for its caring, community-focused service. It pays attention to its clients' lives and big-picture financial situations. "In many instances, a client may have several sources of cash sitting in various accounts, earning the bare minimum. We consider the client's entire financial picture and propose a plan to grow their portfolio," says Kelson. After speaking with a wealth management advisor about one aspect of their accounts, clients often feel so comfortable that they ask for guidance with other aspects of their financial lives. The intimacy of the relationships that Investment Center at South Shore Bank fosters means its wealth management advisors don't just make PR marketing statements about being customer-centric; they show commitment through action. "During the last economic LEADING - EDGE WEALTH MANAGEMENT Located at South Shore Bank By Erica Ford, photos by Susanne Malloy

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