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know their patients and families, spending an hour and a half together every two weeks for nearly a year. At Vallen Allergy and NEFATC, the teams have decades of experience with allergies, from the nursing staff to the practitioner. Patients can rest-assured that they are receiving the best care in the field. In the past, treatment options for food allergies were limited to clinical trials, but Dr. Vallen and her team are giving patients and their families hope. They are now working with children as young as 12 months old to help reduce their food sensitivities. A visit to Vallen Allergy will help determine the best treatments for you and your family. Not sure what is causing your symptoms? No problem. The team will evaluate you or your child and utilize proven testing methods to find the root cause and present you with treatment options. Treatments and testing are covered by most insurers, so wait no longer. Call Vallen Allergy and Asthma or NEFATC to take the first step toward peace of mind. Vallen Asthma and Allergy 700 Congress Street, Suite 301, Quincy 617.472.7111 New England Food Allergy Treatment Center 700 Congress Street, Suite 305, Quincy 617.984.5228 32 challenges. Dr. Vallen also treats a wide variety of conditions beyond food allergies, including seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis from environmental allergens (such as trees, grass, weeds, mold, mites and pets), asthma, hives, eczema and eosinophilic esophagitis. Utilizing a subcutaneous dosing system for environmental allergies, "allergy shots" offer a similar type of desensitization process for patients who suffer from severe environmental allergies. After practicing allergy medicine for decades on the South Shore, Dr. Vallen is confident she understands the needs of this community and the challenges faced by so many, particularly children. It means so much to her and her team to help patients and their families alleviate the stress, fear and detrimental psychological impact of living with food allergies. Dr. Vallen's eyes well up when she says, "There's nothing better than making somebody's life better. I love this work. We make a difference in people's lives." When you visit NEFATC of Quincy, there is a noticeable feeling of home, community and comfort. The walls are decorated with patient-created artwork they constructed during their visits. A special bulletin board of "graduates"—patients who have successfully completed desensitization—hangs as encouragement to those currently undergoing treatment. You will also find children playing board games with family members as Dr. Vallen's team monitors for any reaction. The atmosphere is comfortable and easy-going, and the small team truly gets to

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