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life & style ~ Charles David Salon & Spa Charles David Salon & Spa know beauty. The very mission of the dynamic duo behind the industry curtain, David Honeycutt and Charles Dudley, is one of reinvention and setting the bar high. A Beautiful Benefactor by Maurajane Rogers Star of Excellence 2013 The feminine ways and wiles remain shrouded in mystery however David and Buddy (Charles) are tuned in with a finger on the pulse thereof. The men behind the mission care about the entire package of all things Venus so with their eye for color and style and hearts bigger than the Tin Man could have ever dreamt, they are a winning combination. Nearly two decades ago with just six chairs in Norwell, Charles (better known as "Buddy"), a talented hair colorist, and David, a hospitality executive, developed a business model bent on smashing hairdresser stereotypes. A background as a hotel general manager prepared David for a successful small business (though truthfully he was born that way) and Buddy had the creative eye for color, fashion, style and beauty. Soon the duo learned "all it takes is all you've got." Now with 117 employees, the aim of Charles David Salon is to develop and surround the clients with smart, strongly sensitive, trend-setting, forward-thinking beauty professionals. Turnover is a constant in the beauty industry to be sure, but almost half of the employees of Charles David Salon have ten plus years with the company and there are nearly half a dozen original team members. Without hesitation David will assert the three most important standards at Charles David Salon are hospitality, cleanliness and education. With smiles abound, the Salon has checked that first item off the list tenfold. A timeless standard, the stylist wears many hats; confidant, sounding board, psychologist and more times than not, one helluva life coach. It's a delicate balance and a wellchoreographed and executed dance on the floor at Charles David Salon. There is nothing disingenuous about it which is a welcome experience. Surely the last thing a person would ever expect when walking into a salon is the wafting aroma of fresh baked cookies yet it is an everyday occurrence at Charles David. Who doesn't love a fresh baked cookie?! Disarming and simultaneously delightful...say yes to the cookie. As far as cleanliness goes, the sprawling space with a seemingly endless parade of individuals hither and yon manages to present itself flawlessly and fastidiously without leaving the client feeling unattended or crowded. From white walls, chrome and mirrors in one space, to soft lighting, tufted cushions and muted curtains with just enough natural light to enhance your experience in the Bridal Salon on your blissful day, the surroundings are beautifully maintained and neat as a pin. "We give the credit to our Director of Operations, Wanda Lind, Spa Director Heidi Iverson, Floor Manager Melissa Gagnon, our Educational Directors Kelly Beery, Andrea Loomis, Beth DeFillipo and Melissa Larkin and manager of our Plymouth salons, Barbie McGloin" states David. "We set the service and quality standards and together as a group we developed our core values. It is our management team's responsibility to meet or exceed those expectations every day."  The journey through the salon continues around the corner into the store and educational center. Here is where you will find opportunities and options for your tresses, your visage and décolletage. Named Salon of 28

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