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the Year by Redken six years in a row they were also the very first salon inducted into the Redken Hall of Fame. Their clients believe it's because they're worth it. Education and growth walk hand in hand and as such they have expanded their lines to include another industry pioneer, the veritable Queen of Color, Beth Minardi. Beth Minardi Signature Hair Coloring launched in January and is the result of years of development. "I sought out the best of the best colorist in the country to help me develop my new line," states Minardi, "and Buddy was at the top of my list". As one of 5 top colorists on Beth's elite team, Buddy travels most weekends teaching and spreading the word across the country. As the only woman ever to have her name on a color box, the decision to bring her brand on board was an exciting honor. The change to Minardi shows their commitment to the art of beauty as well as their dedication to raising the game of every individual who crosses their threshold, no matter the side of the chair they are on. They are indefatigable when it comes to championing the strong, smart woman. Beauty comes from within, indeed, but every one of us gets by with a little help from our friends. Back in the store and education center is nestled a private space dedicated to providing any woman traversing the landscape of cancer. Through all its phases, Charles David Salon offers an alternative to scarves and cute hats in The Wig Room. Perhaps now is the time to test the theory of blondes and their fun...Who knows what life could be like as a redhead? Adding laughter to the trying times brings levity and escape, recognizes Honeycutt. Woven into the fabric of the salon experience are the remarkable philanthropic efforts of Charles David. Twelve years running, this year's "Benefit Day" supports the Cancer Unit at South Shore Hospital as well as the Family and Behavioral Health Clinic at Jordan Hospital in Plymouth. Each and every employee gives of themselves for the sole benefit of others, a wonderful life lesson deftly taught by Honeycutt & Dudley to their flock. Compassionately motivated by outreach and assistance, all proceeds, 100% of services and products go toward the betterment of any who find themselves at the mercy of others. Running the gamut of Fashion Shows and Gala events, supporting a range of worthy recipients, (South Shore Hospital, The Ellie Fund, Jordan Hospital, Norwell's Women's Club, Scituate Animal Shelter, American Vets, Father Bill's, The Woodward School, One Boston, Learn, Live and Love and then some) a Charles David charity event is too good to miss. For the past 15 years The Ellie Fund has been the only Oscar party officially sanctioned by the Academy of Arts and Sciences in Massachusetts. And the Chief coiffeurs of the event emcees and A-listers? You guessed it; the staff of Charles David is the chosen few given the nod to ready the tresses and help said hostesses get their glam on. Confidence and sense of style is a journey and at Charles David Salon the journey is what makes the artist. Encouraging the staff to grow, to learn, to strengthen their craft and confidence is mandatory at Charles David. With classes and training on everything from industry products to business models, ongoing classes for staff encourage growth, as the leaders of the pack abhor stagnation. Changing people's perspective of the men and women in the beauty industry is happening at every Charles David Salon location, whether in Hanover, off exit 5 in Plymouth at 61 Long Pond Road, even in the bubble of The Pinehills of Plymouth. They are educated beauty professionals who continually raise their game at the bequest of the captains of the ship, Honeycutt and Dudley.   putting your freshest face forward. If you want to feel as though you've crossed the pond and have strolled down the Champs De Elysees until you come upon a salon, then "The 5," as it is endearingly referred to, is for Cosmopolitan, polished and most welcoming, it is the Charles David express, made for the busiest of women and men. Yes gents, good grooming and skin maintenance is for you too. The Skin Bar is a visual shot of B12, a polished and organized capsule of beauty ready to assist the most time-crunched individual. From the office to the evening in one fell swoop, they do it beautifully. While you're there, make sure you try their "Lucky Dip," an added bonus to your visit with a promised instant discount on your purchase of services and product. You never know how lucky you are until you take a dip.  From the President's Circle and Board of Trustees at South Shore Hospital to the Redken Hall of Fame (the first ever inductee), their altruistic tendencies are without bounds. With hair and skin product lines ranging from the uber-popular "bliss" to the elixirs by "Elemis", even the tools of the trade including "Clarisonic" skin care and "hairtreats" flat irons, Charles David Salon and Spas have what you need. If time to "relax, reflect, and reconnect" is just what you need, check your worries at the door and head to the tranquility lounge upstairs. Offering a dizzying array of services and products Charles David Salon makes itself available to the everyday woman. With palatable price points, services from the tips of your toes to the ends of your eyelashes, they are ready to meet your needs whether those needs be dire or simply business as usual. Find the location best for you at, follow their twitter handle @CDSalon or see what the haps are on their Facebook page: Change your perspective while you enhance your appearance. If further down Route 3 is where you hang your hat, you must avail yourself to seek out the second of the three Charles David locations, found at 61 Long Pond Road in Plymouth. Sleek and inviting, the party size to the mother ship in Hanover, it has all the necessary elements for 29

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