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6. 1. JRP New England Corp is a local performing arts academy with over 30 years of experience.  They are independently owned and operated and have been under new ownership since the end of 2010. They are a state licensed business and accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. The company provides local acting and modeling opportunities through their talent agency, Open Call Model & Talent. In addition, they provide national opportunities with agents and managers from NY and LA that travel to their Boston office to scout every six weeks.  7. The foundation of JRP New England is centered on personal development and life skills, in addition to acting and modeling. Students range in age from its youngest 5-7 year old children's division to their advanced adult classes that often cater to new students in their 20's, 30's, or above. There are numerous success stories that outline the benefits of the company's personal development, acting, and modeling training.  2. Over the last several years, film production has been strong throughout Massachusetts. The industry will take a big step forward here with the construction of New England Studios, a brand new, state-of-the-art TV and film studio that just opened. So now, more than ever, talented kids, teens, and adults are interested in taking the "first step" into the entertainment industry. For those interested in taking that "first step," JRP New England is one of the best places to start. It is important to remember that success comes with hard work and commitment. Parents, kids and teens shouldn't be fooled by the numerous companies promising quick success. Organizations that solicit young kids and teens in malls and amusement parks or by radio or TV ads promising that "you could be the next Disney star" generally misinform the public about how the industry truly works. 3. 8. 9. As a Boston based performing arts academy and talent agency, JRP New England and Open Call Model & Talent serve the needs of talent looking to gain that competitive edge in an exciting industry. The company doesn't promise their talent and models stardom or guarantee work. But they do, however, give them all the tools, resources and opportunities to make it in the entertainment business. They provide their talent with weekly casting notices compiling local film, TV and theatre opportunities in the New England area. Their agency bookings have been increasing as their local client base is continually growing.  4. 10. One of the most unique opportunities provided to JRP talent is the exposure that one will receive with major market talent agents from NY and LA. Every six weeks agents and managers from NY or LA travel to Boston to scout talent trained by the superb coaches at JRP New England. Actors and models that are looking for major opportunities now have the chance to meet with some of the biggest players in the entertainment business without needing to travel to NY or LA. This allows Boston based talent an opportunity to showcase their skills consistently with some of the biggest agents and managers. This is not only a huge opportunity for Boston area talent but also a service to the agents and managers from major markets that are always on the hunt for that next new face!  5. Actors, models, and their families interested in traveling may also be considered for annual talent and model showcase events that are hosted in Los Angeles and Paris. These events are by invitation only and will require the talent/model to audition for acceptance. 1. Brittany-Curran-and-Ray-Romano – Brittany on set of Men of a Certain Age with Ray Romano. She had a lead role in the show as Ray Romano's daughter 2. Jordan Wilson-Apple AD – Jordan Wilson in a national ad for the Apple iPAD 3. Runway – High Fashion Model, Allan Oliveira, strutting his stuff on the runway in LA during his first High Fashion Runway Show 4. Dedicated to Quality Training in the Entertainment Industry 5. BRITTANY CURRAN RED CARPET – Brittany Curran of Hingham, MA on the Red Carpet While the allure of a career in show business or fashion modeling is exciting, the training received can benefit the individual in many ways. Students will develop poise, confidence, selfesteem and the ability to make a lasting impression. Their training will improve communication skills, help conquer shyness and diminish fears of public speaking. These skills will benefit them in all areas of their personal, school or business lives. The benefits can range from improvements in social skills, interviewing techniques and business relations.  6. Take1 – JRP has been discovering and developing Actors, Models & Singers since 1923 7. Kyle Goleman on set icarly – Kyle Goleman of Nashua New Hampshire on set of icarly before shooting 8. Boston model, Ariel Darvish, featured on the cover of Boston Magazine. 9. Jenna Fiore – "Here Comes The Boom, Frenemies & Labor Day" 10. Brittany Curran – Improper Bostonian Magazine Cover For more information, go to To be contacted, please complete the submission form or call 617-946-0508.  JRP NEW ENGLAND CORP 211 Congress Street 5th Floor, Boston • phone: 617.946.0508 • Toll Free: 877.577.6320 • Fax: 617.946.2903 • Star of Excellence 2013 37

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