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38 Greetings, music lovers, and welcome back to "The Beat!" As I write this, the sun is shining, my windows are open, the sounds of Spring abound and there is a touch of Summer in the air. A well-deserved change of environment after this particularly long New England winter. With new life in the air, I'd like to write about a couple of new releases from some of the South Shore's favorite artists. I'll also take you on a trip down memory lane as we compare the new and the old stylings of a Marshfield music scene. First up on the new music list is singer/songwriter Carlin Tripp. Carlin has made a big push recently with the release of his EP, "The Shape of the Island," a five song collection of some of Carlin's best work to date. I've enjoyed following Carlin's career for some time now and this new release has firmly asserted his presence as an artist in the Greater Boston music community. "The Shape of the Island" does a great job at covering Carlin's range as a songsmith and a musician. As it often can be with songwriters, their influences can tug and pull them in many different directions. With "The Shape of the Island," Carlin does a great job at touching upon these influences in a cohesive and articulate manner. The EP starts off with "Forevermore," a laid-back soulful groover filled with reflective guitars and some beautiful fiddle accompaniment; a welcome and gentle tugging of the heart strings. "Keep me in your heart forevermore…," proclaims Carlin. A well-paired lyric that aligns perfectly with this evocative EP. The EP picks up its stride on track two with "Stardust," which takes a moment to look ahead with a joyful disposition. "The road we see ahead, is paved with gold instead." Sonically, "Stardust" paints the clearest image of who Carlin is as an artist. It touches upon his love for jam bands and bluegrass while keeping true to his mission as a modern singer/songwriter. by Jay Psaros NEW MUSIC FROM INDUSTRY VETERANS

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