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25 A great example of the staff and individuals working on a project together came from one of our programs this spring. Working as a team, everyone in the program took their own unique hand print and designed it to their liking. The theme was, "We are all unique and beautiful, but together, we are a masterpiece." Serving as a great way to get everyone working together, this project is just one example of the amazing dedication each of these programs have to support the individuals that attend them. WE HOPE YOU FIND YOUR PLACE IN THE COMMUNITY In recent years, the individuals we support have been making strides in getting out in the community, finding meaningful, community employment. While we have a team of Job Placement professionals helping them achieve this goal, many of them start in our CBDS (Community Based Day Supports) program. Also person-centered, this program helps empower our population and helps them achieve greater independence in the community while in a safe, respectful environment. Our staff in this program provides a curriculum based group setting that helps each participant adapt their skills in many ways. The group spends the day learning new skills and strengthening existing skills, while doing activities based in their communities, such as volunteering or participating in events with other community members. Also, many have worked on self-advocating for their wants and needs. This past April, we had a group from one of our Marshfield CBDS programs participate in an activity with Massachusetts State Representatives, Josh Cuttler and James Cantwell. Both reps met with a group from our Marshfield CBDS group. They discussed pro workforce legislation as well as many other issues that affect this population every day. It is important that the individuals getting out into the community for the first time understand how important it is to advocate for their needs. This served as a great stepping stone to finding their own place in the community in which they live. WE HOPE YOU HELP All of the work we do simply cannot be done alone. State funding provides for the essentials, but private funds allow us to continue to fully operate our programs, help our individuals find meaningful employment and support them as they work toward their goals. Recently, RTR has sustained severe budget cuts, and we are now facing a major deficit. Our core programs are facing challenging financial times in the coming year due to these cuts. You can help us by making a year-end donation to RTR this winter. Your gift will provide the resources needed so that our individuals can continue their work and benefit from RTR services. RTR is committed to serving the more than 1,000 individuals who come to us daily. We hope we can count on your commitment as well.

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